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Therold's Little Opry

The Roots of Bluegrass

Center Grove Community Center 1625 Seven Knobs Road, Gainesboro, TN
The Second Saturday of Each Month - Starts at 6:00PM

Gainesboro Tennessee is the home of Therold's Little Opry. For over sixty years Bluegrass music has grown and blossomed in this little middle Tennessee town. The Little Opry is more than an informal gathering of musicians. It is the heart and soul of Tennessee music. There is no large concert stadium or even tickets sold. Come early and get the best seat in the Center Grove Community Center (1625 Seven Knobs Road, Gainesboro, TN). See you there! There is no charge for the Little Opry but an expense donation is appreciated.

Little Opry Becomes Therold's Little Opry

In 2010, Therold Richardson passed away. He worked for decades to stimulate music and musicians in the Upper Cumberland region. Tuesday evenings in his office were a combination of rehearsal, training and jam session. Every age and skill level picked up an instrument and there was a different mix each week. Tuesday night brought everybody together, professional and novice alike. The night of the Little Opry united the musicians on stage. The tradition that Mr. Richardson started years ago continues. The name of the Little Opry was changed to Therold's Little Opry in his memory.

Bluegrass History - A Middle Tennessee Story

The 1920s and 30s were growth years for bluegrass. Jackson County and the town of Sugar Creek had more than its share of bluegrass talent. Frazier Moss, Otha Spivey and Therold Richardson were at the heart. Therold would walk down to the river at night. He then got in a canoe and paddle across. He walked to Otha Spivey's house and took guitar lessons. The guitar was special. He earned it selling small packets of seed. Frazier, Otha and Therold got together and began to perform in the area. One name for the band included Cluster Plucker. Frazier Moss continued his award winning career until his death in 1998. Therold Richardson, known as the Singing Mayor, was the host of the Tuesday night Little Opry Band practise and the Master of Ceremonies at the Little Opry.