Featured Band Browngrass & Company
Browngrass & Co. consists of five young stars of bluegrass music. Many bands loose their local roots as they step up the ladder of fame. Browngrass & Co. is a great exception. Their local website, still lists the local businesses that carry their CDs in the Gainesboro area. Johnson's Garage, Helen's Restaurant, Hubert's Eatery, Richardson Insurance, the law office of Bobby Ellis, and Hix Bros. TractorService. Many Tuesdays they are practicing with Therold and others at the Richarson Insurance Agency. Enjoy the samples found on this website.

The Browngrass & Co. band consists of Hannah, Lucas and Benjamin Brown with John Maberry and Meredith Goins. The instruments include the upright bass, guitar, mandolin and fiddle. Hannah, Lucas and Benjamin are the lead vocals.

The band always offers thanks to friends, family and the Lord (not necessarily in that order!) for their talent and musical success. The Little Opry wishes them continued success. They always have a stage from which to perform and an audience that stands and applauds at the conclusion of their songs.