Therold Richardson

In the Beginning

Therold began playing guitar before he had electricity in his home. The Grand Ole Opry and bluegrass entered his life courtesy of a battery powered Silvertone radio owned by his Grandfather. At age twelve he picked up the guitar and the journey started. Jackson County Tennessee in the 1920s was already being noticed as a home of music talent. Frazier Moss and Oltha Spivey, both of Jackson County and Sugar Creek, were making their mark. Therold quickly joined their ranks. The radio became a important way to entertain and show off new talent. WHUB was the Cookeville radio station that started in the late 1930s The "Frazier Moss Band" played frequently at the radio station. Therold played the guitar as part of the band. The music of the church sparked the talents of many young musicians. Those young people could always count on Therold to be a mentor in both the music of the church and the enjoyment of playing bluegrass for entertainment.

The Present

Roger and Edward Anderson are carrying on the traditions established by Therold Richardson. The brothers are adding their own style and direction. They participate as musicians, comedians and organizers of the evenings events. Center Grove Community Center is the normal host for the Little Opry. The Little Opry is a gathering point for musicians that are proven professionals and those that have talent being discovered.